The Problem
Thousands of children and adults go missing each month in the U.S. They range from runaways, school abductions, hospital mix-ups, divorce difficulties, human trafficking for profit, prostitution or simply leave home never to be seen again. The problem is "who, if anyone, is looking for them?" The police offer little help and have jurisdictional issues. Your family and friends have limited resources and you don't have the time or knowledge.

The Solution
Call or contact me with your situation. I have over 45 years of experience in this area. The resources at my disposal for finding a missing person reach throughout the world. I use the latest technology for tracking and locating missing individuals while working closely with local and National authorities and organizations supporting your cause. I have a team of experts who have many years of experience tracking and recovering people in danger as well as those who cause the danger. We also provide personal protection prior, during, and after so you never feel uncomfortable with your situation. We are reasonably priced and do care about you and your loved one. See a few testimonials at the Testimonial Tab.

bob Norberg

My name is Vaughn Norberg, but people who know me call me Bob…after my middle name.

I'm married and have raised six children, both step and biological. In one such instance, my wife and I were challenged with finding and returning one of our kids from being withheld from us through illegal means.

This was the start of my interest as to what happens to kids and their families when a child is taken from them. We had to deal with the legal system, courts and police, but in the end we had to do most of the work ourselves, right up to having to track down and retrieve our child.

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